Gender neutral pronoun usage in Luxembourg?

Discussing usage of & opinions on gender-neutral pronouns
with a Master student of Multilingualism in Luxembourg

“Do you want to drink something with me and talk about how you use (non-)gendered language in Luxembourg? I would like to get in touch with you to hear your experiences with languages in Luxembourg and its possibilities and/or restraints concerning gender, if you
– Live/work in Luxembourg
– have an opinion on (non-)gender(ed) labels and/or
– feel uncomfortable or very self-confident with using (non-)gender(ed) language and/or
– are not on the binary gender spectrum / agender / neutrois/ genderqueer / trans(*), etc. 

My name is Eveline van Dijk (Eveliina de la Digue on facebook) and I consider myself a student and a linguist, who is highly interested in language change and language activism – something I don’t say on every party. Some of you might already have met me and most of you probably have not, because I’m living in Luxembourg (Belval) for only 1,5 years now. I study multilingualism here and now I have to write my Master thesis. (Julia de Bres is my supervisor. Last year in autumn she gave in Belval one lecture in the Ringvorlesung about gender).

Since I closely follow the discussion on gender neutral pronouns in North-America, I wondered if/how Luxembourg can be a place to develop and use gender neutral pronouns. Furthermore, I am not an expert in conducting interviews, so let’s call it an audio-recorded conversation to understand what role gender has in the daily (multilingual) language situation in Luxembourg.

If you have personal or (in)direct experiences with (gender-neutral) pronoun usage in Luxembourg, I would love to exchange ideas with you. Since Luxembourg is rather small and quite multilingual, I wonder what role language plays for you when meeting new people, for example, in the roles you might have in society in the daily and diverse Luxembourgish life. I hope to learn about the moments in which new word / grammar choices become crucial in any way in this “little multilingual paradise” that tries to promote diversity in every respect, while the most used languages are highly gendered in their grammar.

If you have time for tea (or beer or wine or water…) and are also interested in the possibilities and restraints of languages, please send me a message to or
I hope to meet you soon at some cozy and rather quiet place, so we can have in interview in which  privacy is assured.
The interview can be held in English, French or Dutch or a mixture of these with German and Luxembourgish. I will mainly speak English, but you can use any of the previously mentioned languages.

Kind regards from Belval,
Eveline van Dijk
p.s. I bring more texts of Loesje for you to spread if you like them and also a few stickers with a “fabulous” text on it, to label whatever you like. 😉


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